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Red Star Holdings Limited is one of the leading manufacturers that registered in Hong Kong with fully-equipped production facilities in China across multiple industries including Craft Activity Toys, Stationery, Gift & Home Liquid Cleaning industries, covering full range of service, from Branding Arttwork & Products Display & Package Designs, Sample Mockup Presentation, OEM & ODM manufacturing as well as marketing with ECommercial & off line selling through Mass Market Retailers, Educational Organisations, Demonstration Studio Shops, Promotional programs....
Red Star has been its own Branding as I-Studio, +Make-it .... promoting a world of play to children & Adult Crafter of all ages for over 20 years and is well established as a top 10 HK Craft Toy supplier.
With 1 HK office, Showrooms at TST and is proud to be supported by 5 Factories that ICTI
Make-it-Snappy is in Craft Activity Kits and is best known as DIY Purse and as one of i-Studiobranding collection.
Make-it-Snappyremains one of the top selling toys in the China, State, Canada & France in 2017.
Red Star is also the HKs Top supplier of Colouring Activity Kits with i-Studio as core brands.
With its own in house product design Team, Red Star is constantly innovating and developing new line for all brands including engineering with OEM projects besides of own ODM brands.
Bling Machine is unique Tool that invented with patent for fun playing experience by Metallic and Neon Studs over old clothing for trending and fashion personal style.
The new developed brand such as +Make it Splashy is new invented Color Colouring Technique that Make more Melange coloured effect with super secured graphic fields.
A new developed Stuffing Toys lines of +Make it offer unique and variable figures and playing experience are to Be on TV market soon
Red Star always interested in hearing the ideas of other inventors too. If you have a great product idea, and think Mookie can help you bring it to life, let us know in our inventors area!
Red Star always search for sales marketing partners, cooperators, If you are interested in any parts for application,
Pls let us know in Job & PostPage Or contact us through

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